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​GreenTec Capital: Your African Ecosystem Expert

We combine investment expertise with operational support, offering tailored technical assistance and investment advice to African founders and local and international ecosystem enablers to contribute to the growth and development of resilient and sustainable African entrepreneurship.

Our core offerings include:

Entrepreneurship Programs

We assist our Development Cooperation partners in supporting scalable, impact-driven ventures through tailored technical assistance and investment readiness programs.

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ESG & Impact Training

Supporting ESOs, VCs, and impact ventures in building a credible impact track record & implementing an effective ESG strategy to attract investors and foster growth.

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AFRICA Consulting

Comprehensive business solutions (market studies, ecosystem mapping, due diligence, business case, etc.) for private businesses exploring opportunities in Africa.

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Our Track Record


Startups sourced

We have a solid track record in sourcing, selecting and steering African ventures to become revenue-generating, growing, and sustainable businesses.​


Founders supported

Over 350 African founders participated in our venture building and investment readiness programs, resulting in more mature and investible companies.


Investor network

Over investor database comprises over 1,000 European and African investors, with many regularly participating in our investor activities and events.


Funding raised

To date, we have successfully raised over €30,000,000 in startup support, comprising both essential operating capital​ and investment funds.

​Entrepreneurship Programs

We build and implement end-to-end, customized entrepreneurship programs in various sectors, from company sourcing to investor matching, 

to equip local founders and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to be able to raise investments on their own. 

Company Sourcing

Company sourcing, selection, and due diligence to minimize risks and identify the the best companies that that align with your specific profile, program objectives, impact goals, or investment criteria.

Technical Assistance

Need analysis to identify and address startup needs through tailored technical assistance. Fundraising aid and investment readiness support to improve overall operational, financial sustainability.

Grant Monitoring

Impact grant monitoring and portfolio manage-ment to ensure the effective allocation and tracking of funds, ultimately enhancing the success and sustainability of impactful projects.

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JEREMIAH SHALLANGWA​ - Founder of Instant Energy

Founder's Feedback

Your involvement has been instrumental in our growth and success. The connections we made through this initiative have been truly transformative, particularly in the areas of business development, mentorship, and funding. Your guidance and  mentorship have helped shape our vision and refine our business strategies.​


Founder​ & CEO of Instant Energy

ESG & Impact Training

We build and deliver customized ESG and impact training toolkits to provide ESOs, VCs, and impact entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools needed for strategic decision making, enabling them to navigate challenges, identify growth opportunities, and create positive (SGD) impact.

Our ESG training solutions are now available to ESOs in Africa and Latin America.

ESG Training Package

A comprehensive package for ESOs and VCs aiming to build an impact track record and implement an effective ESG strategy to attract investors, mitigate risks, and support sustainable development.

Train-the-Trainer Toolkit

A Train-the-Trainer toolkit for ESOs and VCs to be able to provide ESG-related guidance and technical assistance to impact ventures independently, thus increasing their chances of attracting impact investors.

Impact Strategy

Supporting impact-driven ventures from Africa in the development of their own credible impact strategy and impact measurement process to turn them into visible agents of positive, lasting change.

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Our Recent Development Cooperation Projects

TUI Futureshapers - Digital Senegal
EU mAkE African-EU Maker Innovation Ecosystem
GAB II - Innovation Training
AFD Venture Building

Learn more about our projects and activities with GreenTec Corporate Canvas: 


​AFRICA Consulting

Leveraging our extensive experience in diverse African markets and a compelling background in investment management, we offer comprehensive assistance to private businesses exploring opportunities in Africa, ranging from product-market fit evaluation to business case development.

Ecosystem Mapping

Conducting opportunities analysis to assist you in pinpointing the most relevant partners for supporting your journey in Africa on the ground or exploring potential investments based on your profile.

Due Diligence

Leveraging our due diligence expertise and established assessment frameworks to ensure thorough evaluation and identification of the most fitting partners and investment opportunities for your Africa journey.

Business Case

Evaluating product-market fit across diverse African countries and markets for your product, assessing competition and trends, and building a compelling business case for potential market entry/growth.
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Delegation Trips to Africa

Our exclusive investor trips offer an exciting opportunity to explore vibrant local entrepreneurial ecosystems in some of the fastest-growing startup markets in Africa, allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of Africa's potential. See impressions from our past trips (2022-23) below.

Investor Trips to Kenya and Côte d'Ivoire in 2022-23 saw:

  • On-site visits and interactions with local entrepreneurs
  • Over 50 investors joined the Trips combined
  • Over 250 participants at pitch events and networking sessions
  • Networking with local investors, tech hubs, and development partners
  • Immersive guided tour in Nairobi and Abidjan

Latest Updates

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German businesses operating or seeking to operate in Africa can receive up to a 75% refund for the consulting services provided by GreenTec Capital as part of the BAFA Vouchers Program...
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Investor Trip to the Ivory Coast


Embarking on a journey of discovery, the SPTA Investor Trip to Abidjan in May 2023 offered a firsthand glimpse into the promising startup landscape of Côte d'Ivoire...
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New Launch: TUI Futureshapers


GreenTec Capital and the TUI Care Foundation have launched a new program in Senegal. The ultimate aim? To enhance local communities and elevate the touristic allure of Petite Côte...
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