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​GreenTec Capital: Your African Ecosystem Expert

We combine investment expertise with operational support, offering tailored technical assistance and investment advice to African founders and local and international ecosystem enablers to contribute to the growth and development of resilient and sustainable African entrepreneurship.


We support passionate, socially-driven founders with venture building and investment readiness.

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We help you access the best companies that match your profile, program, or investment criteria.

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Development Partners

We help you develop and implement sustainable, SDG-driven projects in Africa  to drive change.

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Our Track Record



Startups sourced

We have a proven track record in sourcing, analysing and steering African companies to become revenue-generating and growing businesses.​



Founders supported

Over 350 African founders participated in our venture building and investment readiness programs, resulting in more mature and investible companies.



Investor network

Over investor database comprises over 1,000 European and African investors, with many regularly participating in our investor activities and events.



Funding raised

To date, we have successfully raised over €5,500,000 in startup support, comprising both essential operating capital​ and investment funds.



Venture Building

Hands-on building and scaling of new ventures by conceptualizing new ideas, building teams, developing products, validating business models, and navigating the early stages of a venture's growth.


Technical Assistance

Providing practical and tailored guidance, knowledge, and expertise to address specific challenges or tasks of a startup, including skill or tool training, and offering solutions to overcome technical obstacles.


Investment Readiness

Enhancing a startup's attractiveness for investors by refining the business model, creating a compelling pitch deck, preparing financial projections, and improving overall operational, financial sustainability.

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JEREMIAH SHALLANGWA​ - Founder of Instant Energy

Founder's Feedback

Your involvement has been instrumental in our growth and success. The connections we made through this initiative have been truly transformative, particularly in the areas of business development, mentorship, and funding. Your guidance and  mentorship have helped shape our vision and refine our business strategies.​


Founder​ & CEO of Instant Energy



Market Entry / Research

Interested in entering African entrepreneurial ecosystems? We will facilitate the process by offering exclusive insights into the African markets to help you make informed decisions.


Venture Assessment

Sourcing and assessing potential ventures, including due diligence, light assessment and deep investigation, using proprietary tools to identify investment opportunities aligned with your objectives. 


Networking & Matchmaking

Connecting you with suitable ventures and other ecosystem players to create mutually beneficial partner-ships through pitch events, investor trips, demo days, industry conferences, angel networks, etc.

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Investor Trips: Africa

Investor Trips to Kenya and Côte d'Ivoire in 2022-23 saw:

  • On-site visits and interactions with local entrepreneurs
  • Over 50 investors joined the Trips combined
  • Over 250 participants at pitch events and networking sessions
  • Networking with local investors, tech hubs, and development partners
  • Immersive guided tour in Nairobi and Abidjan

Join our exclusive Investor Trips to explore local, vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems in some of the fastest-growing startup markets in Africa to gain a deeper understanding of the potential and opportunities that Africa has to offer! See impressions from the past trips below.

​Development Partners


Program Building

Developing and implementing tailored entrepreneurial programs in Africa based on your custom criteria: geography, sector, focus, impact targets, etc. to meet your unique needs and objectives.


Project Implementation

Leveraging our expertise and resources to aid you in reaching sustainable development goals while driving growth and prosperity across the continent through the promotion and empowerment of local entrepreneurs.


Impact Strategy & Assessment

Developing an impact strategy based on your requirements and/or measuring impact to evaluate the social, economic, and environmental effects of a project for informed decisions and better resource optimization.

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Our Recent Projects

TUI Futureshapers - Digital Senegal
EU mAkE African-EU Maker Innovation Ecosystem
GAB II - Innovation Training
AFD Venture Building

Learn more about our projects and activities with GreenTec Corporate Canvas: 


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TUI Futureshapers


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