GreenTec joins the German Finance community in signing the “Frankfurt Declaration.”

on 29 May 2017

Frankfurt am Main (Germany), May 2017. GreenTec Capital Partners joined prominent members of the German Finance community in signing the “Frankfurt Declaration,” at the Deutsche Börse on May 23, 2017. The ‘Declaration’ is a statement of joint commitment by its signatories to build more sustainable financial sector infrastructures.

The Deutsche Börse’s “Accelerating Sustainable Finance” initiative shows the German Financial Centre’s recognition that current global challenges such as climate change and digitalization require innovative and solution-oriented action. A crucial component to such action is the transition to a more sustainable financial system worldwide. Participants in the Sustainable Finance Initiative aim to work together from their core businesses towards implementing sustainable milestones, such as the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), realization of the Paris Agreement, and the design of the green finance focus of the German G20 presidency.

The launch conference featured discussions on all issues around the financial system's future viability and new ideas for sustainable business models. GreenTec Capital’s CEO Erick Yong participated in the ‘Financing the Future – Impact Investment and Financial Inclusion’ panel, presenting GreenTec Capital’s perspective on the importance of considering the economic and social environments of investment targets in emerging markets, especially in Africa. He stressed the potential for the African agricultural sector to achieve multiple SDG’s through sustainable and environmentally friendly business models and local partnership.

 Signatories of the Frankfurt Declaration

Erick said, “I am proud to have joined members of the Frankfurt and international investor community in signing the Frankfurt Declaration. I see it as the first of many necessary steps. …I also believe that adding emerging countries leading financial organizations as participants in the debate would bring an important on-the-ground perspective to develop better and uniform sustainability metrics and measurement tools necessary to communicate the impact of sustainable investment.”

“The joint initiative shows that financial center Frankfurt is fully aware of the role it will play in the future of the international capital markets. Meeting the challenges that face us and realizing the long-term objectives set today, brings a great opportunity. With the collaboration and expertise of all players we can start to make progress towards a more sustainable economy and society. While politics provides the necessary, overarching framework for this goal - we are determined to make a major contribution to a successful implementation”, said Deutsche Börse CEO Carsten Kengeter.

The Sustainable Financial Initiative will attract interest not just from the impact investment community but also from the financial community as a whole. GreenTec is eager to work with the other signatories of the “Frankfurt Declaration” in taking this historic step.