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Quick facts

Country / region 
Benin, West Africa  
Started 2011  
Status Commercially Available  
Business Areas Agriculture, Organic Inputs  

Elevator pitch

Bio Phyto Collines is a Benin based company the has developed an innovative, patented process to produce organic agricultural inputs (pesticides and fertilizers) using locally sourced biomass to promote healthy sustainable agriculture in Africa. 

Problem and solution

Industrial agriculture is dominated by the pervasive use of chemical inputs used to promote crop growth and yields. Overuse of these chemical agents leads to the environmental degradation of both soils and water sources, resources important to farm productivity and human health. Unsafe usage of chemical agricultural inputs contributed to the deaths of hundreds of farm workers yearly in Benin. Excess chemical residues from industrial agriculture are consumed daily by unaware consumers, contributing to health problems. Farmers who do not use chemical agricultural inputs do not have access to organic alternatives, and do not have the knowledge to produce them themselves. Bio Phyto solves these problems through its 100% natural products Top Bio - a pesticide- and AgroBio – a fertilizer.

Target market and target users

Bio Phyto Collines’ target market is the agricultural segment in Benin and the millions of farmers active within. Bio Phyto plans to expand its operations nationally within Benin, and followed by international expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

Business Model

Since 2011, the majority of Bio Phyto’s clients are gardeners, horticulturalists, and fruit orchard farmers as well as small-scale farmers of rice, corn, cowpea, yams and other crops. The company is not able to meet current demand for its organic products and is actively raising funds to scale its operations.


Gildas Zodome - CEO/Managing Director

Bio Phyto Collines CEO Gildas Zodome
Bio Phyto Collines CEO Gildas Zodome


Investments for next 12-24 months:

$500,000 USD.

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Bio Phyto Collines benefits from GreenTec's network and experience in developing and scaling agricultural solutions.