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Quick facts

Country / region 
Kenya, East Africa Flag of the Republic of Kenya
Started 2014
Status Commercially Available
Business Areas Water desalination

Elevator pitch

Boreal Light GmbH is a Berlin, Germany based company that has developed innovative water desalination systems designed to operate off-grid in the most remote areas. The WINTURE® system can produce clean water from saline or brackish sources and can provide energy services from its solar powered power system.

Problem and solution

Winture LogoWater scarcity is a problem that affects more than 40% of the world’s population and approximately 1.8 billion people live without access to safe water. Globally rising populations are placing more and more emphasis on efficient water management for agricultural purposes and creating greater demand for clean water sources. Boreal Light solves these problems with its WINTURE® water desalination systems which produce clean water at above WHO standards from either brackish or seawater sources. These systems are designed to operate off-grid, powered by renewable energy in the harshest and most remote environments on earth. The WINTURE® filtration systems are also capable of providing charging capabilities for more than 10 devices at a time. The WINTURE® filtration systems use modified reverse osmosis and can produce up to 5,000 liters per hour of clean water. The system is affordable, scalable, and easy to operate - ideal for rural areas in emerging markets. 

Target market and market users

Boreal Light’s desalination systems target several complementary markets: remote communities, agricultural customers, industrial beverage producers, and individual consumers. Boreal Light’s primary market are the millions of people living globally without access to clean water.

Business model

Boreal Light offers several WINTURE® water desalination systems that are custom-tailored to locally available water sources for clean water production. Boreal Light will start with a pilot project in Kenya to provide affordable and clean water commercially through a network of 500 Water Kiosks, each delivering 5,000 liters of clean water per day at third of the current market price. Boreal Light will also target industrial customers for its water desalination technologies to develop its brand presence and sales channels in East Africa. The systems also have agricultural desalination applications, creating potential revenue streams from the agricultural sector as well to provide desalinated water for irrigation. Finally, remotely located communities will comprise an important market segment as well. The system is primarily designed for equatorial and tropical environments such as East Africa and Latin America but can be adapted to work in the most extreme of environments. 


Dr. Beheshti Dr. Hamed Beheshti - Executive Manager 
Mr. Ali Al-Hakim Mr. Ali Al-Hakim - General Manager/CTO

Results and targets

  2017  2018
Water Kiosks Operating  100* 500*

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