Impact Sector Focus


In addition to our overarching impact goal of empowering entrepreneurs to become role models within their communities, we specifically look at six broad sectors with environmental and social impact potential:

  1. Clean technology, renewable energy, energy savings or other energy-related businesses with a clear environmental impact of reducing or mitigating CO2 emissions

  2. Sustainable agriculture and food production

  3. Education, knowledge transfer and information technology enabling access to education and training

  4. Access to healthcare and healthcare services

  5. Access to finance and financial inclusion, particularly benefiting the bottom-of-the-pyramid sector

  6. Access to water, irrigation, sanitation and recycling

 Our sector focus is thus closely aligned with many of the objectives specified in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

To see some of our Impact metrics visit our impact page.

Please mouseover the SDG icons below to see how our portfolio companies are contributing to these goals. Follow the links to learn more about the companies and their impact. We will update this section as our portfolio grows and as our companies expand their operations and impacts.