Impact Statement

At the heart of our view on impact lies our belief that by investing in visionary entrepreneurs we help create opportunities for people to improve their livelihoods, create meaningful jobs with increased earnings potential and thus most efficiently impact local communities. We look for entrepreneurs with transformational capacity whose businesses can scale quickly and provide a disproportionately large amounts of jobs to the local and national communities. Visionary leaders can also further inspire people to pursue their own success stories and thus create an “entrepreneurial” ripple effect.

We believe it is this multiplier effect will drive generations of impact oriented entrepreneurs to strive in bringing about transformational change to their communities. The impact will be more and more visible across many aspects including reduced poverty, improved food security, better access to clean energy as well as access to education and healthcare for broad swaths of the African society, especially for the bottom of the pyramid.

Entrepreneur H. Nyakarundi with the GreenTec Team