What to expect as investors?

Impact investors

“We are the premier German investor in African startups providing a unique low-cost acquisition model and turning under the radar startups into sustainable companies.”    


With our unique investment concept based on a grassroots approach, we open a trustful access to one of the most dynamic and impactful market through: 

Well-diversified portfolio: Combined with an investment horizon of three-to-five years to weather most storms and benefit from the full growth potential of early-stage startups; we have a progressive sector diversification approach (Renewable energy / Health / ITC / Agriculture / Financial services / Housing / Food and Agriculture / Education) and a geographic diversification based on our proprietary country scoring index. (Our index aggregates 7 individual rating across "investment desirability" factors based on data available on the public domain e.g.: World Economic Forum, WorldBank...etc

Good investment conditions: We invest just before the strongest growth phase of a Startup/SME usually unfolds. This allows Greentec Capital Partners to negotiate equity stakes at very exclusive conditions.   Our approach includes a customized due diligence process and, in most cases, business model optimization (technological or monetization wise) to increase transparency and profitability for Investors.

Deep knowledge of our companies: Our unique combination of work for equity deals and operational inclusion allow us to gain deep knowledge of our partners and their management teams. With time and mutual growth, we build a solid track record and develop a relationship of mutual trust with the startup owner. In that context, we are able to have a clear understanding of the strategic choices faced by our partners and can best position ourselves to leverage our expertise to help them make those choices. 

Huge market with purpose: By investing in various companies serving Africa, we are reaching millions of people from low income and socially exclude backgrounds. These consumers represent a huge growth opportunity for entrepreneurial business that are willing to invest in the innovative solutions to address the shortages of energy access, the mobile revolution, the gender equality and many more...