Our international network currently focuses on Africa. But we also aim at developing cooperations within emerging markets in Asia and Latin America.  We are happy to hear about projects in any of these emerging markets so that we can discuss if we can already offer what you need to grow.


Focusing on Africa and other emerging markets allows us to maximize our impact. We benefit from the Leapfrogging effect by implementing the newest technologies directly and skipping multiple technology generations in between. Examples include using renewable energy solutions but skipping the massive use of environmentally problematic fossil fuels to generate electricity, or using mobile phones without ever having a landline infrastructure.

As with our services, also our payment options are tailor-made to the needs of our partners. Cash-strapped startups can profit from our equity model, where we define clear and measurable goals that once reached translate into a small equity stake for our company. We work by joining forces to grow the value of the business, so that we all can profit from a considerable increase in valuation after a couple of years.

The benefit of this model lies in the long-term alignment of our goals, as we only profit if our partners profit, and we share the risks as well. Because we naturally choose our partners carefully, and work together as active investors to maximize profits along with impact, this model increases the risk-adjusted profits and hence the value for investors.

Of course we also provide services to established companies or public organization that prefer to pay in cash. However, strategic long-term cooperation with a good alignments between us and our partners’ goals remains our main focus.

No, GreenTec Capital Partners is a for-profit social enterprise. At GreenTec Capital Partners, we believe in the transformational force of the market when it is coupled with a strong vision and values that take the greater good into account. Therefore, the social and environmental impacts of our partners is our first selection criteria, but afterward we also take the feasibility, profitability, and scalability of our partners' businesses into account for our portfolio selection.