About us

The African startups and entrepreneur segment is growing. It benefits from the growth of the continent and the support of its governments. This creates a vast amount of investment opportunities that are not directly accessible for most investors. 


GreenTec Capital Partners is a long-term impact investor that joins forces with visionary startups and SMEs entrepreneurs combining impact and profit. To this end we target under the radar companies with a sustainable business model to create exclusive investment opportunities with economic, social, and/or environmental impact in Africa.


Our team of experts joins the operational team of each companies and focuses on improving the respective operational activities to foster the chance of sustainable success

We fund and/or facilitate access to funding opportunities that are appropriate to each company’s individual stage of evolution (development / expansion / growth). Instead of straining the companies' cash positions, we favor “results for equity” deals to build up a dynamic portfolio and create economic value for our partners.   


As we are looking for long-term investment and business partners, we expect our portfolio companies’ strategies to fit into our own strategy. Our know-how allows us to structure our own fund vehicle with professional partners in order to provide diversified solutions to specific investors. Therefore, we structure our portfolio of early-stage and growth-stage investments while continuously building toward a track record of success (target investment time >3 years) to make it attractive to external parties.

Once the portfolio reaches a certain size, our target is to re-structure it into a more liquid investment vehicle (e.g.: a Fund). This will bring advantages to our portfolio companies (access to new liquidity) and to GreenTec Capital Partners.