GreenTec Capital joins the German Finance Leaders in signing the "Frankfurt Declaration," a joint commitment to build sustainable financial sector infrastructures.
In recognition of its innovative approach to developing entrepreneurship in Africa, Greentec Capital was awarded the 2017 German Entrepreneurship Award for Development
Henri Nyakarundi’s Mobile Shiriki Hub revolutionizes the Mobile Solar Kiosk industry and creates the first one-stop shop for mobile users with low-cost WIFI access and free local digital content access.
Farmcrowdy solves problems of financial access for Nigerian smallholder farmers by leveraging technology to match them with farm sponsors.


Africa investment focus

GreenTec Capital was founded in 2015 by Thomas Festerling and Erick Yong. They have always believed in the strength of combining mutually complementary approaches into a single, focused effort. By combining more than 10 years of experience at one of the leading German financial institutions and 15 years of worldwide business development, they have developed an innovative inclusive investment approach for African startups and SMEs to ensure that all stakeholders truly benefit from value creation (win-win). 

Most long-term venture investors supply some combination of money and advisory support. GreenTec Capital’s approach differs by prioritizing working directly hands-on with all of their portfolio companies to develop high-value businesses. This means being present to help their partners navigate through crucial and difficult phases by acting directly within their operations as well as providing access to funding.

Their vision is to empower the founders of African companies to build the best and most impactful businesses.

Thanks to this approach, they are able to offer their shareholders the opportunity to participate in a steadily growing portfolio of African companies selected for their potential financial returns as well as their social and environmental impacts. 



GreenTec in Abidjan: EU-AU Business Forum, Digital Africa, and the African Rethink Awards

Abidjan, (Ivory Coast), November-December 2017.  Last month, GreenTec’s CEO Erick Yong and Senior Company Builder for Francophone Africa Sofien V. Sidhoum traveled to Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The purpose of the trip was to build connections and to integrate the company into the African Francophone Start-up ecosystem. While in Abidjan, the team attended several events including the EU-Africa Business Forum, Digital Africa Innovation Competitions, and the African Rethink Awards. 


GreenTec at the Germany Africa Business Forum in Munich, November 28th,2017

Munich (Germany), November 2017. On November 28th, GreenTec’s Karl Rheinberger and Peter Grouev attended the Germany Africa Business Forum at the HVB Tower in Munich. The team attended the Forum to participate in panels as well as to engage with stakeholders interested in developing German-African business relations and promoting trade and investment.


GreenTec partners with Bio Phyto Collines, a Benin based organic agricultural input producer

Frankfurt (Germany) and Abijan (Ivory Coast), December 2017. GreenTec Capital Partners are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership agreement with Bio Phyto Collines. The Benin-based company is the first of many Francophone African start-ups GreenTec will support with our "results4equity" model. The company produces 100% natural and organic agriculture inputs to promote sustainable and healthy agriculture in Africa. Under the terms of the agreement, GreenTec will support Bio Phyto with a combination of business model optimization, capacity building, and funding. 


Farmcrowdy wins big at the Nigeria Technology Awards

Lagos, (Nigeria), November 2017. GreenTec Capital Partners are very pleased to announce that Farmcrowdy has won three awards at the 2017 Nigerian Technology Awards. Farmcrowdy was selected as the winners in the categories: Tech Start-up of the year, Agric website/platform of the year, and the Tech Founder/CEO of the year.